Gordon Withers
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Dark Side Of The Moon On Cello

Split • Released Nov 27, 2012


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The idea for Dark Side Of The Moon On Cello came to me after a family member requested a cover of Pink Floyd's "Mother." It was a blast to do, and I quickly became fascinated with the possibility of a whole Floyd album on cello. Dark Side seemed like the obvious choice, since it's a classic, and arguably their best work. It's also the riskiest, since so many other tribute versions and acts already exist. There are already classical versions of Pink Floyd, and this is not one of them. My goal is to present all the original rock intensity and arrangement complexity, but from an unusual perspective - one that hopefully sounds familiar and unfamiliar at the same time.
I am honored to feature the talent of avant-electronic musician Bishonen Knife (aka Stephen Swift) on the second track, "On The Run", which contains elements impossible to replicate on cello. Stephen did an amazing job weaving in and sequencing the cello samples I sent with other effects and crowd noises.
This is both the most difficult and rewarding recording project I've ever taken on, and I especially wish to thank the backers of the associated Kickstarter project for making a vinyl release possible. I can't think of any way I'd rather bring this album to the public. Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy the album!
  1. 01Speak To Me/Breathe4:00
  2. 02On The Run3:37
  3. 03Time7:02
  4. 04The Great Gig In The Sky4:56
  5. 05Money6:25
  6. 06Us And Them7:40
  7. 07Any Colour You Like3:25
  8. 08Brain Damage/Eclipse5:53
8 songs, 42 minutes